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We specializes mainly in the field of modern pyrometallurgical technologies, which have industrial application in metallurgy, metal casting and recycling of metals. The company manufactures and delivers high quality graphite products and materials, protective antioxidant coatings on graphite, and special ferroalloys.
The robust expertise and manufacturing experience of our specialists, allows us to offer a wide range of engineering services, incl. separate small-scale installations and aggregates for metal casting.
Through continuous introduction of new and modern technological solutions in all aspects of our manufacturing, engineering and services, we strive to meet the high requirements for quality, cost of materials and protection of the working and environmental environment of our customers.

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Air cooled, flue dust capturing system! Dynamically controle and monitoring of gases. Bag filttering system guarantee 99% capturing of fine particales.

Metal Recycling

Cometech is known in Bulgaria as the only producer of ferronikel. After almost 10 years of experience in using our proprietary DCPAF for recycling precious metals from waste materials, the company regularly produces Feronikel of the FeNi20HC brand in ISO-6501 by pyrometallurgical recycling from scrapped NiFe and NiCd accumulators and NiCd, Ni MeH domestic batteries, nickel-containing catalysts, sludges and more. waste.

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Metal Casting

Here in Cometech we are good with forming and casting!

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Cometech produce graphite moulds for vertical ot horizontal casting. Also, we could supply Grafolite, UHP, HP electrodes, tubes, plates, crucibles and other.

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Casting service

Casting for you, various molds on customer requirment and specification.

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Grafite product on your request

You need rods, blocks, plates, electrodes, crucible, felts, sheets, pads, cylinders, parts, tubes, lubricants or contacts made by graphite...Various sizes and forms are available according to customers requirement!

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It is always important! You can always check your prices with us! Donít sell your metals cheap! Analyse your alloys! Donít sell without knowing their true value! Contact us to guide you

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